Monday, November 11, 2002

Revised Itinerary

Hello All: I am not sure you are interested, but I promised to send my revised itinerary, so here it is. The main changes are that I am now stopping in Tailand for 3 weeks and will arrive in San Francisco June 14th. According to Marcela, our lovely secretary at the Department of Industrial Relations, I am supposed to report to work June 30th. So, maybe I can catch some of Amma's tour in the Bay Area before hitting the office? Well, this is not for so time. I hope you are all well. Peace and a thousand kisses, Marisa MARISA'S ITINERARY JUNE 23RD, 2002 TO JUNE 14ST, 2003 UNITED 960 DEPART: SUN 23 JUN 6:25P SAN FRANCISCO ARRIVE: MON 24 JUN 1:55P PARIS/DEGAULLE SAS 796 DEPART: FRI 23 OCT 2:00P NICE FRANCE ARRIVE: FRI 23 OCT 4:20P COPENHAGEN LUFTANSA 3053 DEPART: TUE 27 OCT 10:35A COPENHAGEN ARRIVE: TUE 27 OCT 12:15P FRANKFURT LUFTANSA 756 DEPART: SUN 7 NOV 1:20P FRANKFURT ARRIVE: MON 8 NOV 1:35A MUMBAI INDIAN AIR 167 DEPART: MON 8 NOV 11:40A MUMBAI ARRIVE: MON 8 NOV 01:45P TRIVANDRUM THAI INTRNL 318 DEPART: TUE 27 MAR 10:40P MUMBAI ARRIVE: WED 05 MAR 05:20A BANGKOK THAI INTRNL 431 DEPART: WED 15 MAR 8:40A BANGKOK ARRIVE: WED 15 MAR 02:00P DENPASAR SINGAPORE 149 DEPART: TUE 21 APR 8:00P DENPASAR ARRIVE: TUE 21 APR 10:30P SINGAPORE SINGAPORE 231 DEPART: WED 22 APR 0:10A SINGAPORE ARRIVE: WED 22 APR 9:25A SYDNEY AIR NEW ZEALAN 182 9:45A SYDNEY DEPART: MAY 7 03:00P CHRISTCHURCH ARRIVE: AIR NEW ZEALAND 97 DEPART: MAY 21 08:35A AUCKLAND ARRIVE: MAY 21 05:00P OSAKA/KANSAI UNITED 810 DEPART JUNE 14 2:35P OSAKA/KANSAI ARRIVE JUNE 14 08:20A SAN FRANCISCO


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