Sunday, September 08, 2002

Loved Ones

ADVERTISEMENT Search. Compare. Save. Hi from Calvin - Corsica again. I was not going to be interneting any time soon, but this coin operated machine right at the BVG -Bureau des Voyages de la Jeunesse, aka US Hostel, was just too tempting. We write standing up and it is right at the entrance of the place. Kind of occurred. I feel like an eletronic games junkie which I never liked, but the internet, yes,I like that. I just wanted to send a BIG NOTE of thanks to all of you who wrote after my last message: a thousandpetals to you! I am honored to say I had too many messages to be able to answer all of them right now but I want you all to know that I REALLY APPRECIATE your contact. I get support from folks here and I also get your support. I am glad to know you are enjoying my stories. This encourages me to write. So, before anything else, THANK YOU for your notes. In a nutshell, this is the report for the last few days: Werner and I said goodbye in Bonifacio. We took the same bus from Porto Vecchio and he stayed on to Ajaccio. We both had tears in our eyes when waved each other goodbye. Then I took the ferry to Santa Teresa in Sardinia within the next 30 minutes. From there, I took the bus to Olbia, then a train to.....I didn't know where I was going, so I bought a postcard with the map of the island and kept going. I had no guides for Sardinia but I have a big mouth and found out a lot of information in a mixture of portuquese, french and spanish. The only thing that was coming out in italian was "prego". But they understood me, there is an incredible mixture of all these romantic lanquages, specially in the islands where they were invaded by several of those countries and the language got all mixed up in the process. In any case, I could not find a place I liked in Sardinia, so I ended at the end of the island the same day. I reached Cagliari, the capital and the biggest city at the extreme south, opposite Santa Teresa. I was exhausted,so I checked myself into a hotel room and basically rested for a day went to movies - Wasabi- dubbed in italian- I get really annoyed by dubbed films - and made the whole way back to Corsica. I guess I could still not forget my mountains and the corsican sea. I also fell so much more confortable with the french folks and even the language. I was not ready for the change. I also found Sardinia very provincial. The capuccino was great though and things were generally much cheaper than in Corsica. Transportation is less than half. Now I am where I started, in Calvi and since I missed the ferry to Nice today, I will have to leave on the 10th, Tuesday. I am getting really anxious about the walk in Spain. Will I have enough time? I need to be finished by the 15th when I need to be in Barcelona, then back to Nice to send my backpack and boots back home (if there is any of it left) and then, Coppenhagen to visit my friend Britt. Dear Ones, I better go before this machine cuts me off. If I run out of coins it just disconnects and I loose everything, and I am almost out of the big coins, ones and twos. So, a big kiss to all. So my friends and family, a bientot for now with many many hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoXOXOXO!!!! Love you all, Marisa


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