Wednesday, September 11, 2002


Bonjour to all: I am leaving to Lourdes tonight in a couchette train and on the 13th I will probably be in Spain to start the walk on the 14th or the 15th. I just added more than 15 people to the group that I thought were there all along. I apologize to the new members for that. I also wanted to ask you not to post the messages to me on this site, but rather send them individually to me, to my e-mail address: There has been a few instances that people meant to send messages to me but rather sent them to the whole group. In other to minimize the amount of messages people get, let's be mindfull of the way the messages are sent. There are over 80 people receiving these messages, and I apolozige for any inconvenience I may be causing to some of you. In case of an emergency, if you need the whole group to be aware of something, by all means send a group message, preferably in english. Also, you can always unsubscribe to this site by following the instructions given, if you rather not receive messages for a while, and then get back on. In case you would like to see all the messages posted to date (started June 7th), specially for those that are just coming in, you can go directly to the site at: Much love to you all! Thanks for your love and cooperation A billion petals to you, Marisa


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