Monday, August 19, 2002

I am in Nice!

Dear Ones:

I have been really lucky meeting great people and visiting places with the french folks.

Carcassonne is a really nice little town, but a little like Disneyland with lots of tourists and cute stores and restaurants. The medival city itself is the whole big "castle" which was really a fort-city. More later. I was shielded by tourists by my hostess Jeanine Fiales, who showed me around, and we even went to a really cute mass on the 15th - a big religious holiday here at a charming small village. The mass took place outside and it was a great experience.

Then, I went to Toulon, kind of big city- I was surprised, and modern since it was completely destroyed after the war. Parts of it looked like LA with big palm trees and all. The downtown is kind of ugly since they had to rebuild the city really quickly and the buildings are not very charming. This is an important military port, the second in France after Britanny. But there are also several nice small towns around, near the beach-nice beaches!!! Great views throughout the city too, since it has lots of hills.

NOw I am on a fast track here in Nice, so much to see, so much to do. I am going to get my backpack, hiking boots and everything else I sent to my sister's in laws who live here (she is married to a french guy) but instead of heading towards Santiago de Compostela in Spain, I may extend my stay in France a little longer...I love France so much, it is hard to leave. I am going to Corse island and maybe cross it to Sardena in Italy, we'll see. It is all very close. Corse looks very good, and who knows, I may as well move there....just kidding. I bought the ticket on a ferry for the 24th of August at 4:30 PM.

Tomorrow I will explore is really nice here in Nice. The whole city has streets with two name, one in french, one in italian. I didn't know Nice used to belong to Italy. It has a lot of italian influences. Today I had a delicious ice cream in a place called Fenochio! People are speaking a mixture of french and italian....

I also had a hair cut today. It has been almost three months. It is not bad. I will take a picture for you.

I have to go. There are some americans here waiting for the "english" keyboard, and internet here is very expensive!!!

Many kisses to all. I miss all of you. Don't worry, I will have fun for you and think of you when I am scuba diving in Corse.

Keep praying for me. I have been really lucky and I know it is because of your prayers.

Much love to all. Peace on earth.



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