Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I am in Menton-really close to Italy

Dear ones: Travelling a little at the Cote D'Azur is really easy. The buses are air conditioned and it helps to be staying right across the street from the Gare Routiere (bus station). I went to Villefranche-sur-Mer yesterday, really nice and less crowed than Nice. Today I pass throught Monaco, Monte Carlo, the casino included--really built up area. I had no desire to spend any time there, so continued to Menton, much more mellow, nice beach too, still pebbled-it helps to have my tevas sandals with me. I am in Menton now, and can smell the italian border just a few miles away. Shall I keep going? Maybe not. Tomorrow I head to Juan les-Pins and Antibes, where I will be staying for a couple of days before heading to Corsiga (Isle Corse). I bought a travel guide in french-couldn't find it in english or portuquese for that matter. So, my french needs improvement quick, otherwise I'll be homeless and starved. My sister's in laws dropped off my backpack, sleeping bag, boots, etc. at the hotel today which is perfect for the island. They will stop by tomorrow to get my luggage to keep it for me while I do some travelling. I really appreciate that. Monsieur Guillaume (my sister's father in-law) is managing an antic car show between the Antibes and Cannes and offered to take me there. The show changes every 3 months and it is the second biggest in Europe. It should be interesting although I am not into cars that much. We will see. So much to see so little time...just kidding. It is nice to have lots of time. By the way, I made some small changes to my itinerary. Just the dates. I am leaving to Coppenhagen on the 23rd of October now instead of the 18th. Also 4 days later to Bombay from Frankfurt. I will send you and updated itinerary later. Ca va? Anyway, folks, this is a quick update. Internet here is really really nice. The best so far, but the most expensive of all too. I am on a budget I will be going now. Lots of kisses and love to all. Marisa


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