Monday, July 08, 2002

Leaving Paris next Wednesday

Dear ones: Ok gang! Tomorrow is my last in Paris and since I am going to a monastery for a month you may not hear from me for a while which may be a blessing? You probably had enough of my news for a while anyway. Before I forget, my Palm Pilot was found a few days ago and I forgot to report. So for those of you feeling sorry for me, you have a reason to celebrate with me... The circumstances around how it was found is a tale in itself which I will tell later. The wheather today is very nice, sunny and kind of hot, but not too hot. I am wearing shorts and a tank top right now which is nice. I went to Amiens, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Paris to visit another Notre Dame. This is a plus belle Notre Dame cathedral of all in my opinion. But I had enough of Notre Dames for the moment and of all churches, museums, sites, monuments. I am ready for a buddhist monastery in the countryside where I can breath fresh air, eat good vegetarian food, wake up with the sun and do stretches. My hotel room is so small, it is hardly big enough for me and my luggage, let alone do yoga. My body cries out! Enough of wine, nightclubs and pastries ....but I will go to "La Soufle" tomorrow for a last gastronomic parisian experience. I just had dinner at the first vegetarian restaurant I tried the second day I arrived which is conveniently located next door to the internet cafe and only a block from my hotel-- The Esmeraldaaaa! There is a long list of vegetarian restaurants here, most biologic (organic) which is many more than I can tell for San Francisco or even New York for that matter, so kudos for Paris on the organic vegetarian arena. I wanted to leave my address at the Plum Village in case you want to write and the phone number is case of emergency: Village des Pruniers New Hamlet 13 Martineau 33580, Dielivol France tel: 33 5 56 61 66 88 This place is near Bordeaux for those who don't know it. If there is e-mail there (I doubt it) I will keep in touch, if not, see you in a month. Don't forget to check the pictures at the site. To go there type or click the link: www. or go to yahoo, click on groupos and then thousandpetals. If you haven't done it yet, when you are at the site, click on edit my membership on the right top side of the page, then say ok to the settings and you will be able to access photos when you click it on the left side. There are a few photos there already, and there will be many more soon. The pictures from my first week here will be posted there very soon with comadre's Claudia's help since I will be gone south soon. I also wanted to apologize for the typos in my last message and incorrect information: D3 is 3 years old and not 2. Ok. Since this message is kind of long, no log today. A big kiss, hug, xoxo, love and peace to all, Marisa


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