Thursday, July 04, 2002

Last days at Montgomery Creek

Dear ones:

After raining for the last 3 days, today maybe be a glorious day again, maybe...I don't think the skies made up their minds about it yet as it keeps changing from sunny to cloudy. It was nice sleeping in and being more relaxed during the rainy days. I was visiting museums and monuments like a maniac before that, trying to get my money's worth with the 5 day museum/monument card. It was intense......I would recommend a more leisurely approach.

It is so nice to have an english keyboard. The typing just nice!

The peak of my experience in Paris so far was a visit to an arabic sauna/massage place yesterday, preceeded and "postceeded" by mint tea, middle eastern goodies and couscous dinner at the end, everything at the same complex, where a mosque is located. But you will know about yesterday in more details later.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO YOU ALL IN THE US!!! The Bastille celebration will be in just 10 days here.

Now, back to the log:

Montgomery Creek, June 21st, 2002 (Shasta)

Summer solstice starts today. I must be feeling the energy since I could not go to bed until almost 5am last night. Always finding something else to read, things to get ready.

I sent my last box to India today (4 in total) with books, clothes, water filters and supplies. On my way back from the post office I stopped at the Acorn Cafe for lunch and free internet use. As it turns out, my palm pilot got lost. I returned to the cafe to look for it and although the cafe was officially closed from the time I left to the time I returned, the palm was nowhere to be found. I start my trip with a little challenge as all my addresses, notes and calendar are there, not to say my astrology and tarot programs....very handy at times. Although I just printed the whole database of addresses from my laptop (21 pages) I feel naked without the pilot. Everything happens for a reason though. Maybe this is my first lesson of letting go and to be honest, I am very relaxed about it. I just have to change some pass words to bankaccounts as I also have all my information there: bank account numbers, passwords for online access, etc.

Sarah Humingbird arrived this afternoon as I was returning to the cafe. She looked so cute in her summer hat, her car piled up with her move neatly organized in her stationwagon--she could only be a virgo as I later found out she is. I think she will be happy here the next year and I am happy knowing someone will here, although Brooke offered to show up every now and then to check on things.

Sarah also had a really good attitude when I told her about Ruth, a garden snake I found doing yoga at the candle light in the meditation room a couple of hours before Sarah arrived. I decided not to do anything about it and let her be (Ruth). When I told Sarah about it, although she was a little apprenhensive, she very quickly adapted to idea of co-habitating with Ruth. A garden snake is better than mice she said. As it turned out Ruth left the house willingly a couple of days later.

It is almost midnight and I think I will go to bed so that I can get up at a decent time to show Sarah around and drive to Fabienne's house/garage in Oakland where my car will be stored for a year.

Sleep tight, don't let the snake bite.


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