Saturday, July 06, 2002

Brunch with the brazilians, farewell and security at SFO

Dear Ones: The wheather is still "iffy" here. I feel sorry for all the tourists that arrived during the last week. And the city is definetely much more crowded than when I arrived only a week earlier. As for me, I am enjoying the cloudy days. I am on my "small" trips fase. I went to Pomery yesterday, a champagne cave Claudia told me about. It is in the city of Reims, Champagne region of course. Today I went to Vernon to visit Giverny-Monet's gardens and house and then went to Rouen to visit the church Monet painted so many times and still made it back to Paris around 7PM. Are you ready for more log? or maybe I am boring you? You can always unsubscribe if I am crowding out your "junk mail" folder. Ok. Here we go: Sunday, June 23rd, 2002 San Francisco Finally en route to Paris. I spent the night chez Fabienne and we took Bart to San Francisco to have brunch with "the brazilians". I was testing my ability to navigate public transportation with my luggage. It was all right! After changing some of my bank passwords at Rafael's we went to Spoon on Polk and Vallejo to have brunch. Claudia, D2(Daddy) and D3 (little David) showed up later with a list of places to visit in Paris and vicinitudes and some envelope mailers for OFoto that I will be using to post photos at the groups site. Little David looked very calm and serious at the same time in his cute glasses. When Daddy was taking a picture of us on the back seat of the car he said "magnificient camera". That little guy has an incredible vocabulary for a 2 year old. SFO was relatively calm and I had plenty of time, so I made some phone calls. Julie told me not to send her croissant almondes because the wheather in New York city has been hitting the 105 F mark and they would for sure spoil. When I decided to enter my gate, security seemed to find something in my little backpack and asked me to go to the side. They meticulously went through all the contents inside with white gloves- it looked like they were about to perform surgery. Well, they found my swiss army knife my mother gave me in 1986. "You cannot take that on board." I said, fine and then went out and put the knife in an envelope that I had with me and used the stamps that I was carring with me in case of "emergency." I sent the envelope to Sarah in MC. I was not about to let my knife go. Then I went through the gate a second time and they seemed to find something else, this time in my shoulderbag. I was getting very irritated. If they are so good, why didn't they find it the first time around? Well, there was another small version of a swiss army knife with a little buddha image attached to it that Ann Baker (my roomnate at the Zen Center last fall) gave last year before I went to Brasil. By that time it was too late to go through the whole process of mailing it, although I had more envelops and stamps. I then took the little buddha image out of the knife and very rudely gave it to the security guy. I could have saved this special gift if they had caught both knives at the first time. I was also very irritated by the way my whole body was searched-extremetly carefully and throughly and ever so slow....and this is the second time I go through it! My name was already being called by then. Then if it was not enough, after I showed my ticked and passport and was already at the passage to enter the plane, my passport was given to another security by the side and the whole process was repeated. I was fuming by then. Maybe word got out that a lady with an attitude was coming in and therefore needed to be punished for being short with the security and for implying incompetence. It did not feel good to be rude. Maybe I just need to breath and foccus more on where the irritation is in my body. Yes! Right!!! One of these days when I become a saint. I had totally forgotten about the two knives. They lived in my backpack and my shoulder bag. I had too much on my mind to think of all the little details.


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